Any youth ages 10 - 14 can attend any BGCNT camp for free while participating in

Promoting Health Amoung Teens - Abstinence Only 

The Promoting Health Among Teens - Abstinence Only, or PHAT, intervention focuses entirely on knowledge, attitudes and skills that encourage and assist young people in implementing abstinence in their relationships. It is a pregnancy prevention and positive decision making program that uses talking circles, brainstorming, roleplays, DVDs, exercises and games to teach young people about puberty, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)and HIV, and pregnancy prevention. Activities are designed to help students feel comfortable practicing abstinence, address their concerns about practicing abstinence, and provide strategies for overcoming obstacles to this practice. The key messaging of the program is  that practicing abstinence is easy: “I can do it” and getting a partner to cooperate in practicing abstinence is easy.

Scientific resarch demonstrates that PHAT works!

The intervention significantly reduces sexual initiation among abstinent teens as far as 24-months after the intervention. It also significantly reduces the incidence of recent sexual intercourse as far as 24-months after the initiation.



Youth who sign up to participate in the PHAT program will recieve a free week of camp, inlcuding field trips, for the week while the program is delivered. 


To sign up, complete this consent form and return it with the camp's registration form


PHAT will be offered during the following programs:

February Break Camp

at the Newman Family Clubhouse

February 20th - 24th

Spring Break Camp

at the Newman Family Clubhouse

April 10th - 13th, 17th

NT Extended Spring Break Camp

at the Newman Family Clubhouse

February 17th - 21st

Camp Spirit

June 26th - August 26th

Multiple sessions will be offered. Specific weeks will be announced. 

Camp TeBeCe

July 10th - August 18th

Multiple sessions will be offered. Specific weeks will be announced. 

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